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Alternative Investment  Fund Managers

Complex investment and financial management needs can not be met with standard solutions.

Bóveda Asset Management provides asset management services to investors by creating, developing and managing proprietary alternative investment vehicles and portfolios. We are focused on providing Investors with customized investment strategies and comprehensive wealth management services.


At Bóveda Asset Management, we believe investors' portfolio must take into account where they are currently and where they need and want to go, as well as all of the other unique circumstances that apply to their specific situation. Our job and our goal is to assist Investment Advisors help their investors in achieving their specific investment goals. 


For the past few years, we have been working with both individual and institutional Investors to customize and manage portfolios designed to optimize their probability of success.


We take our role as asset manager seriously by using proprietary strategies and techniques we have developed over the course of multiple market cycles to help investors build and retain wealth.




As an alternative investment vehicle manager we aspire to work closely with Investment Advisors to help them provide investors with investment products which will deliver superior returns  while providing security and capital preservation.


Our vision calls for the infusion of a group of like-minded investment professionals with the aim of creating an absolute return and performance focused asset manager with a set of clear and simple values with Real Estate as a foundation to help preserve principal investment capital. Focusing only on those areas at which the organization excels, this vision will be achieved with the launch of a series of innovative products targeting consistently strong investment performance.


Our success will be due to the direct result of placing our investor clients’ best interest at the heart of everything we do. From the largest wealth managers, to the contributions of individual investors, we will always value and protect those who entrust us to manage their portfolio.





15720 Brixham Hill Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28277-4784

Tel:  888.569.8883

Fax: 888.569.5893

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Charlotte Office
Charlotte, North Carolina Location  

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United States

Charlotte, North Carolina

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